UCI Europe Tour Antwerp Port Epic Antwerp (BE) Sunday September 8th 2019

VIDEO: On the other side of the victory

VIDEO: On the other side of the victory

A lot of cycling fans think that a cyclist - and top sports people in general - have a perfect and peaceful life with only eat, train, rest, eat again and sleep. The American company SRAM shows in a movie with Wout Van Aert that this is not correct.

Wout Van Aert is best known for his dominance on the cyclocross course. As part of his preparation for the 2017-2018 cyclocross season, Wout raced on the road near his home in Belgium. His race calendar included Schaal Sels, a crazy dirt-grass-cobbled-paved mashup of a road race, which he won in 2016. While Wout didn't repeat his win, taking a close second in the final sprint, it's all part of his preparation fro defending his World Championship in cyclocross.

Even though he's a two-time World Champion, Wout's coach and supporters say he's still just a normal guy. This video is a glimpse at how Wout handles the pressure of victory and misery.

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Source: www.sram.com